Welcome to the New Products of TFT!

Throughout the Worldwide Fire Service, TFT is the brand known for innovative firefighting equipment including the most extensive offering of portable monitors, which allows fire departments to achieve their tactics in the safest and most efficient way possible. 

The Fire Service continues to face the challenge of delivering water to the right place using their apparatus monitor.  Different apparatus configurations place the monitor outlet where it is obstructed by light towers, crew cabs, generators, etc.  In result, getting water to the intended target is a challenge.


The latest addition to the TFT Extend-A-Gun series, the VP version offers a complete solution from TFT: monitor, nozzle, waterway, and valve! Deploy and stow operations are efficiently controlled by pneumatics and the inlet valve interlock system aids safe operations. Designed to flow up to 1,500 gpm (6000 L/min), choose from a variety of TFT monitors.
Inlet Valve Interlock

Valve Control Flexibility

Multiple Inlet Plumbing Options

Pneumatically Controlled

Integrated Valve


The ONLY Portable Monitor That Checks All The Boxes


✓ ​Standard Integrated Safety Inlet
✓ 10 to 50 Degree Angle of Attack
✓ Affordable, Compact, and Lightweight

✓ Certified to NFPA 1964 and EN15767-1

TFT’s new BLITZTAC portable monitor brings best in class performance to the fire service once again.

RADIUS is the highest reaching deck mounted monitor, allowing you to achieve your tactics.



RADIUS is the highest flowing deck mounted monitor, giving you a 1500 GPM capacity and it is also available in typical 1250 models. 


Fixed GPM Nozzle with Pressure Relief
Available in 50 or 75 psi


The new TFT Working Fire nozzles deliver revolutionary performance when you need maximum flows for a “working fire.”  The exclusive pressure relief feature limits reaction force when you over pump to get more GPM, or experience an unintended flow increase during a gated wye operation.