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Why do TFT Air Decontamination Products Use a Cartridge?

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Date April 22, 2022
Date April 22, 2022
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If you are considering a firefighter air filtration and decontamination solution, you have likely done hours of research into your options. You know there is a wide variety of systems available, including those that use ionization, UV light, filters, and more. Among your options are TFT’s CrewProtect and StationProtect solutions. These systems use a multi-stage cartridge system to reduce air contaminants in the apparatus cab and back at the station.  

You may be wondering why Task Force Tips uses a cartridge and what the benefits are. This article will explain what the cartridge is and why it is so important for comprehensive air decontamination.  

What is the Cartridge? 

The CrewProtect and StationProtect air filtration and decontamination systems both use a cartridge system to clean the air. This cartridge includes four unique stages that target a variety of air contaminants. 

  • Prefilter: The first filter catches dust, pollen, and other large particulate matter before it moves further into the system. 

  • PuraWard  Fibers: A third high efficiency filtration step uses copper and silver to capture viruses, bacteria, and mold. 

  • Molecular filtration: The next step is patented molecular filtration media. This media removes aerosols carrying viruses, cancer-causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and harmful gases. 

  • HEPA Filter: The final filter is a high-end HEPA filter that captures smaller particulates (including PM0.3 and PM2.5), allergens, bacteria, and viruses. 

Together, these four stages are highly effective at reducing particulates and soot, VOCs, viruses (including SARS-CoV-2), and bacteria in the air.  


Why is a Filter Important? 

Task Force Tips uses a cartridge that includes multiple filters for a few reasons:

  1. High quality filters are a reliable way to capture many sizes of particulates and soot. The cartridge allows the system to focus on specific threats at each stage, neutralizing them as the air moves through the system. This means the CrewProtect and StationProtect do not rely on particles binding together and becoming large enough for another filter to capture. 

  1.  The cartridge air decon system can manage more than just viruses and bacteria. Some systems use technology that mitigates communicable disease risk but cannot reduce the VOCs that pose a threat to firefighters and EMS personnel. Soot and the smell of smoke on your gear continue to off-gas and release VOCs into the air for hours after a call, putting your crew at risk. TFT mitigates this risk with a molecular filtration layer in the cartridge. 

  1. A series of filters does not create byproducts or disperse elements in the air that may be harmful to your crew. A cartridge of specific air decontamination stages creates a controlled, predictable process that is easy to understand and use. 

What does TFT Believe? 

We are focused on making the world safer, healthier, and more productive. This includes making the air decontamination products that you and your fellow firefighters deserve. We include multi-threat protection because you deserve a comprehensive system that can handle the three largest airborne threats and won’t let you down.  

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