Firefighting Water Flow

The Working Fire Nozzle's Detent Prevents Unintentional Movement to Fog Pattern

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Date November 19, 2021
Date November 19, 2021
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Never unintentionally move your nozzle out of straight stream again.

The working fire 150 gpm at 75 psi fixed flow nozzle with pressure relief is built standard with a straight stream indicator ring. Before flowing water it allows you to see and feel that the nozzle is in the straight stream position and most importantly the indicator ring has a detent which keeps the nozzle in a hard-hitting straight stream and prevents unintentional movement to the fog pattern. And after you finish the job the newly designed bale handle of the working fire nozzle allows you to repack your hose lines any way you want, even putting a hose line through the bale handle.

See the difference, feel the difference, schedule a time to flow the working fire nozzle today at