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The Working Fire Nozzle - Fixed Flow Nozzle with Pressure Relief

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Date November 15, 2021
Date November 15, 2021
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When you need a lot more GPM, that is where the Working Fire excels. By integrating TFT’s exclusive pressure relief, a 33% increase in flow rates only yields a 33% increase in reaction force. Compare that to a traditional fixed nozzle, which increases 78%!

TFT proudly introduces the Working Fire nozzle, the fixed flow nozzle with pressure relief. A TFT exclusive design that delivers optimum gpm and reaction force.

The Working Fire nozzle is taking the standard for fixed flow nozzles to a completely new level. The Working fire delivers 150 gpm at 75 psi and limits reaction force when you need to send more gpm for the firefight. Just like any other 150 at 75 fixed flow nozzle when you're delivering 150 gpm for initial attack operations the nozzle builds its rated 75 psi and poor stream performance is a direct indication of low flow rate just like any other fixed nozzle, but when you need more than 150 gpm for the firefight and over pump to get more flow or experience a gpm increase during a gated Y operation, the Working Fires pressure relief limits reaction force as you send more gpm. A standard 150 at 75 fixed flow nozzle when increased to 200 gpm experiences a reaction increase from 65 pounds to 116 pounds of reaction force.

The Working Fire fixed flow nozzle with pressure relief limits the reaction force to 87 pounds with the same gpm increase experience. The new standard in fixed flow nozzles see the difference, feel the difference, schedule a time to flow the Working Fire nozzle at

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