Which TFT Nozzles Are Compatible with Alcohol Resistant Foams?

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Date September 28, 2022
Date September 28, 2022
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Are you wondering which of our nozzles can be used with alcohol resistant foams? Let Brian "Pods" Podsiadlik give you a brief explanation, including some information on the Bubblecup!

What is the Bubblecup?

Bubblecup is a firefighting nozzle that has a built-in foam aspirating feature. This feature allows you to slide a sleeve forward for finished foam. The Bubblecup can create aspirated finished foam, a conventional straight stream, and a wide fog pattern.

Are Other TFT Nozzles Compatible with Alcohol Resistant Foam?

Yes! Your other TFT nozzles can be used with alcohol resistant firefighting foam. We recommend getting a foam attachment to entrain air and create the best quality finished foam possible. 

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