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How do You Change the CrewProtect 100 Cartridge

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Date August 26, 2022
Date August 26, 2022
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How do I Replace my CrewProtect 100 Cartridge? 

Are you ready to replace the cartridge in your CrewProtect 100? Luckily, the process is quick and easy! 

  1. Remove the grill by turning the four thumbscrews counter clockwise.

  1. Use the tabs to pull the old cartridge out of the system.

  1. Take a moment to gently wipe the internal fan blades.

  1. Insert your new cartridge and make sure the words "This side up" are showing and oriented below the cartridge status lights.

  1. Replace the grill and tighten the four thumbscrews.

That’s it – you're done! Now, you can power the system on and let it mitigate the VOCs, particulates, and aerosols carrying viruses and bacteria in your air.  

You can find more information on maintaining your CrewProtect with the Tips for Maintenance article!