3 Ways CrewProtect Reduces the Airborne COVID and Cancer-Causing Threats in Your Fire Apparatus Cab

Studies show that 63 percent of firefighters will get cancer and one-third of line of duty deaths in 2020 were from Covid-19. These tragedies are not only devastating to the first responders and their families but they're also detrimental to their departments and communities.

After leaving a fire personnel clothing and equipment are contaminated with cancer-causing particulate soot and some items will continue to off-gas vocs that can be inhaled for up to 45 minutes. In addition, close quarters in apparatus increase the chance for exposure to a range of bacterial and viral threats.

CrewProtect is a revolutionary air decontamination and filtration unit that eliminates multiple threats in the cab including vocs particulates and viruses. TFT has partnered with Purafil, part of the Madison Filtration Group, the largest air filtration company in the world, to integrate their proven and patented filtration technology into CrewProtect, which converts all the cab air into hospital operating room quality within three and a half minutes.

CrewProtect is a plug-and-play solution for new or in service trucks. It's compact, easy to install and turns on with the truck. They can take a beating and keep on cleaning. CrewProtect, eliminating the threats you never saw. 

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