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HURRICANE RC PRO/pak is a discharge side, concentrate injection system. Designed to inject liquid concentrates into a water flow at a user selectable concentrate ratio from 0.1% to 1%, this system offers dependability and ease of operation in rugged environments. The desired concentrate ratio is maintained at all flow rates up to the maximum flow capacity of the concentrate pump. Once selected, the concentrate ratio will automatically be injected into the water stream and will not be affected by variations in hose length, pressure, or elevation. With a maximum concentrate flow of 1.25 GPM, the
PRO/portioner will operate easily at 1% ratios from 25 to 125 GPM, and at 0.5% ratios up to 250 GPM. Designed especially for use with Class A foaming agents, 1% AFFF and wetting agent concentrates, the PRO/portioner operates on a balanced pressure concept. Click Here for more details on the PRO/pak [ UM12 ]





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