Oasis Hydrant Assist Valve - AR5R2T2T2T Task Force Tips Fire Fighting Equipment Nozzles, Monitors, Piercing Nozzles, Manifold, Ball Intake Valves, PRO/pak, Blitzfire and Suction Hose
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The Oasis Hydrant Assist Valve is a versatile valve that can be used as a hydrant booster, a gated wye, or for inline pumping during relay operations. In hydrant boosting operation, the valve is first connected to the hydrant and to the intake supply line on the first pumper. Inlet and outlet supply lines on a boost pumper are then connected to the valve to draw water directly from the hydrant connection and increase pressure/flow to the first pumper. Inline pumping is achieved in a similar manner. A clapper valve with position indicator provides uninterrupted water flow to the fire when transitioning to boost mode, and in the event of boost pump failure. Two unique valve position indicators tell the operator if the ball and clapper valves are open, closed, or somewhere in between. Designed for use with 3.5”, 4”, 4.5” or 5” (89, 100, 115 or 125 mm) hose. Stainless steel half ball valve provides corrosion protection. Maximum operating pressure is 250 psi (17 bar). Meets 900 psi (62 bar) hydrostatic strength test. The aluminum casting is hardcoat anodized inside and out, and TFT powder coat finished on the outside. Click Here for more details on the Oasis Hydrant Assist Valve [ AR5R2T2T2T ]





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