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The Ball Intake Valve and the Jumbo Ball Intake Valve are intended for use on the intake manifold of a fire engine. The valve is kept closed while the water supply from a hydrant or another pumper to the engine is being established. This prevents the pump from sucking air through the intake manifold and losing its prime. Once the supply hose is filled and under pressure, and the air has been vented from the hose, the valve may be opened to connect the pump to the water supply. An adjustable pressure relief valve mounted on the bottom of the valve opens to relieve any excess pressure that may damage the hose or the pump. An electric remote controlled (RC) model allows the valve to be operated from a remote location. A typical installation will consist of the BIV RC and a remote display operator station. Motor controls are designed to auto sense 12 VDC or 24 VDC operation. The motor control circuit utilizes a position encoder and current limiting to protect the drive train at the ends of travel. Unit is supplied with 2’ of cable with a plug on BIV RC and 10’ of cable with a receptacle so installation effort is minimized. Cable has only four conductors (two for power and two for communications) further easing installation effort. To complete the installation, the installer will need to mount and wire the remote display operator station. The power supply for the BIV RC will need to be connected to a protected circuit from the trucks power distribution center. Click Here for more details on the Ball Intake Valve [ AB1ST-NX ]





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