International Dealers Task Force Tips Fire Fighting Equipment Nozzles, Monitors, Piercing Nozzles, Manifold, Ball Intake Valves, PRO/pak, Blitzfire and Suction Hose
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Worldwide Price List and Specifications
Worldwide Price List
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Specifications Produits Monde Entier
Spécifications Produits
Monde Entier


Especificaciones de Productos Mundial
Especificaciones de
Productos Mundial


International Sales Contacts

Amy Thornburgh

Technical Specialist
Phone 1-219-548-1027
Fax 219-548-4027 or via email

Mary Erftenbeck

Contract Review
Phone 1-219-548-1026
Fax 219-548-4026 or via email

International Documents


MidForce - Arabic
Foam Eductors - Arabic
Blitzfire - Arabic
G-Force - Arabic


RC Monitor Electrical Controls - CHINESE
Product Catalog-CHINESE
Whats New in TFT - Chinese
CQST Hazardous Location Certification


RC Monitor Electrical Controls - FRENCH
Série de moniteurs portables BlitzFire
Produits Innovants de lute contre les incendies
G-Force French Catalog
PROCÉDURE : Comment tester le bon fonctionnement d


RC Monitor Electrical Controls - GERMAN
BlitzFire Tragbarer Wasserwerfer (German)
HEMISPHERE Wasserwerfer
Innovative Brandekämpfungsprodukte
G-Force Gesamtkatalog
Tragbare & Transportable Monitore
HANDBUCH: Bedienungsanleitung Fernbedieneinheit mi
BETRIEBSANLEITUNG: Internationale Hohlstrahldüse G


Blitzfire (Indonesia)
MasterFoam (Indonesia)
MaxSeries (Indonesia)
Metro 1 (Indonesia)
Metro 2 (Indonesia)
Midforce (Indonesia)
Protector (Indonesia)
Quadrafog (Indonesia)
ThunderFog (Indonesia)
Tornado (Indonesia)
Ultimatic (Indonesia)


Hard Suction Hose (Portuguese)
Hard Suction Hose Order Form (Portuguese)
Manual de Instruções Blitzfire Monitor
Manual Edutor de Espuma
Manual de Instruções Blitzfire Monitor
Manual de Instruções ThunderFog & QuadraFog
Monsoon RC Monitor
Controles elétricos do Canhão de Controle Remoto
Hurricane and Hurricane RC Monitor (por)
PRO/pak Sistema de Espuma
HEMISPHERE™ Monitor Transportável
Monitor de Controle Remoto Para Áreas Risco ATEX
Typhoon RC Monitor
Tornado & Tornado RC Monitor


Dual Force
Ground Monitors & Deluge Guns
Handline Automatic Nozzles
Hurricane RC
Mid-Force Dual Pressure Automatic Nozzles
Monsoon RC
Nozzle Foam Attachments
PRO/pak Foam Equipment (Russian)
QuadraFog 125 Selectable Nozzles (Russian)
QuadraFog DQ40 Selectable Nozzles
ThunderFog 200 Selectable Nozzles
ThunderFog 250 Selectable Nozzles
Ultimatic 125 Automatic Nozzles (Russian)
RC Monitor Electrical Controls - RUSSIAN
Russian Handline Partial Grip,Labels and Handle
PRO/pak Final Assembly (Russian)
Monsoon RC Final Assembly
Russian MX-FoamJet Final Assembly
Monsoon RC Final Assembly
Crossfire Safe-Tak Base Final Assembly
Crossfire Monitor Top Final Assembly


Blitzfire Personal Portable Monitor Features
Especificaciones de Productos Mundial
Equipo contra Incendio Industrial y Municipal
Spanish Spec Product Book - May 1, 2011
RC Monitor Electrical Controls - SPANISH
Productos Innovadores de Lucha Contra Incendios
Hemisphere Monitor Transportable
Eductor Serie 125 En Linea
Serie BLITZFIRE® Monitor Portátil
Monitores Hurricane Y Hurricane RC
ThunderFog&QuadraFog and QuadraCup
Sistema de Espuma Multi – Propósito Portátil PRO/p
Innovaciones en Suministro de Agua
Master Foam Boquilla Audoeductora De Espuma
Especificaciones de Productos Mundial Catalago
Manual: Boquilla Internacional G-Force
G-Force Spanish Catalog
Manual Monitor Monsoon Y Monsoon RC-SPANISH

Nathan Calabrese, Vice President International Sales

Nathan Calabrese is Vice President of International Sales for Task Force Tips. His professional experience in creating and managing international sales and distribution networks makes him an ideal fit to lead and grow TFT’s presence in the burgeoning world marketplace.

Nathan enjoys strong ties with numerous individuals and organizations who are committed to further development of international trade and commerce. His strong background in engineering and mechanics come from his days as a marine engineer onboard working cargo vessels over the Great Lakes.

The native Midwesterner’s academic achievements include Great Lakes Maritime Academy for Marine Engineering, Youngstown State University for International Business, Moscow University of the Humanities for Foreign Language & International Business, and Pennsylvania State University for Business Management.

Contact Nathan at TFT corporate headquarters in Valparaiso, IN at 219 548 4000 or by email at

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Christian Boorz, Territory Manager - Europe

Christian Boorz holds a Business Administration degree from Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg, and has several years of experience in the firefighting and safety products industry. Prior to Task Force Tips, Christian was employed with the Ziegler company for 19 years, and has held positions such as product manager, technical support manager, sales manager, new product development manager, market research and analysis specialist for lose equipment and special products, and has introduced and assisted in the development of products for the German Army and the German Federal Authority for Technical Relief. Throughout his experience, Christian has worked with, and become a specialist in several brands and products in the firefighting and safety products industry. Christian is also a trained, educated, and experienced German and European firefighter with the Industrial Fire Brigade.

Contact Christian Boorz on his mobile: +49-151-423-58-113 or via email

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Christian Lopez, Regional Manager of LATAM   North

Christian's professional experience revolves around the Oil & Gas Industry in Latin America. His years of experience in Business Development for an Engineering and Construction company will be adding strength to TFT's long term plans in the region. He is fluent in English and Spanish, and his academic achievements include Business Administration and Marketing degrees.

Contact Christian on his mobile: +57 310 369 4419 or via email

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Abdul Hadi Jisri, Middle East and North Africa Regional Manager

Hadi’s professional sales career started in 1994 selling safety and fire fighting products with one of our sales partners in the Gulf. After many years in the positions of Branch Manager and Export Sales Manager Hadi has secured great experience selling TFT products into the oil & gas, petrochemical and municipal sectors. Hadi is well versed in Arabic, English and French which is a nice fit working with our Sales Partners in the Middle East and northern Africa.

Contact Hadi on his mobile: +966 544 46 88 46 or email:

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John Donnelly, Asia Pacific Regional Manager

John’s professional career has revolved around the design and sale of highly engineered products, directly related to both process and personnel safety, for oil & gas, petrochemical and other processing industries. Since 1997 his focus has been on international markets, requiring extensive travel throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Contact John at the corporate headquarters in Valparaiso, IN at (219) 548 4000 or his Mobile: (219) 241 5664 or via email

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