Task Force Tips Fire Fighting Equipment Nozzles, Monitors, Piercing Nozzles, Manifold, Ball Intake Valves, PRO/pak, Blitzfire and Suction Hose
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TFT - Company Directory

Task Force Tips Inc.   Toll Free: 800-348-2686
3701 Innovation Way   Phone Number: 219-462-6161
Valparaiso, IN 46383-9327   Fax Number: 219-464-7155
President & CEO
Stewart McMillan CEO sgmc@tft.com
Martin S. Sonnenberg President and Chief Operating Officer mss@tft.com
Service and Repairs
Technical Customer Service Group Service-TechnicalSupport@tft.com
North American Sales
Jim Menke Vice President Domestic Sales jim.menke@tft.com
Chris Carson Atlantic Region Manager & South Atlantic Territory Manager chris.carson@tft.com
Philip Gerace Vice President Marketing philip.gerace@tft.com
Tom Houlihan Territory Manager North Atlantic Region Tom.houlihan@tft.com
Steve Henninger Territory Manager Mid-Atlantic Region steve.henninger@tft.com
Ron Prast Territory Manager Southeast Region ron.prast@tft.com
Mark Riggsbee Territory Manager Mid-South Region mark.riggsbee@tft.com
Kevin Briggs Territory Manager Midwest Region kevin.briggs@tft.com
Benjamin Lehman Territory Manager North Central Region benjamin.lehman@tft.com
Jerry Pilarski Territory Manager Southern Region jap@tft.com
Doug O'Donnell Territory Manager Northwest Region dod@tft.com
Benjamin Lehman Territory Manager Southwest Region benjamin.lehman@tft.com
Brian Podsiadlik Territory Manager Canadian Western Region bwp@tft.com
Jeff Goarley Territory Manager Canadian Eastern Region jeff.goarley@tft.com
Doug Miller OEM Product Manager / Deicing Product Manager doug.miller@tft.com
International Sales
Nathan Calabrese Vice President International Sales Nathan.Calabrese@tft.com
John Donnelly Territory Manager Asia Pacific john.donnelly@tft.com
Abdul Hadi Jisri Territory Manager Middle East hadi.jisri@tft.com
Christian Boorz Territory Manager Western Europe Christian.Boorz@tft.com
Christian Lopez Territory Manager Latin America christian.lopez@tft.com
Mark Hu Territory Manager China mark.hu@tft.com
Shaun Price Territory Manager Asia Oceania shaun.price@tft.com
Nitin Shinde Territory Manager India nitin.shinde@tft.com
Jerzy Kotarba Territory Manager Eastern Europe Jerzy.kotarba@tft.com
Industrial Sales
Paul Neely Industrial Manager pvn@tft.com
Kelly Bogan Territory Manager Industrial kelly.bogan@tft.com
Mark Riggsbee Territory Manager Mid-South Region mark.riggsbee@tft.com
Government Division
Mary Erftenbeck Government Division Manager mary.erftenbeck@tft.com
Contract Review and Order Support
Mary Erftenbeck Contracting Supervisor mary.erftenbeck@tft.com
Amy Thornburgh Technical Specialist aet@tft.com
Charlotte Dusek Sales Coordinator sales@tft.com
Paige H. Brei Sales Coordinator sales@tft.com
Anne Goarley Canadian Contract Review and Order Support anne.goarley@tft.com
Website Information
Webmaster webmaster@tft.com
Sherry Taylor Executive Assistant to Vice President of Marketing sherry.taylor@tft.com
Jessica Bach Social Media Coordinator jessica.bach@tft.com