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Chief Marketing Officer Rod Carringer
3701 Innovation Way Valparaiso, IN USA 46383
Phone: 1-800-348-2686
Fax: 1-219-548-4051
Email: rac@tft.com
    Rod, Chief Marketing Officer, for over 25 years has overseen all aspects of distribution strategy, including field education of fire service and sales professionals, supporting over 550 distribution partners and a regional and product management team, and leading TFT’s amazing marketing team.

His firefighting service includes over 30 years as a volunteer member of Indiana’s Center Township Volunteer Fire Department – where he continues product research and development, training instruction, and active firefighting duties. Rod's background and continued structural firefighting activities provide him ongoing, timely input from fire agencies, distribution partners and fire service manufacturers from around the world. TFT's New Product Development Team, the Strategic Planning Group, and the Marketing Department use this information to help the company develop and market new products that make the job of fire suppression faster, safer, and less stressful.

Contact Rod at (800) 348-2686, by fax at (219) 548-4053, or via email at rac@tft.com