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TFT Company Directory
Southwest Regional Manager Kevin Briggs
2104 Twin Falls Drive Henderson, NV USA 89044
Phone: 1-219-405-0996
Cell: 1-219-405-0996
Fax: 1-702-617-9769
    Kevin, Southwest Regional Manager, trains sales organizations, manufacturers, and end users in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and Hawaii about the installation, use, and care of TFT products.

Kevin’s extensive product knowledge came from the inside track. He began with TFT in 1989 as the inventory controller, and worked his way up to Purchasing Manager. During that time, he was an ISO 9001 internal auditor, advisory board member, and health safety committee member. In September, 2004, he accepted the position as Southwest Regional Manager.

Contact Kevin at (888) 221-3581, by fax at (702) 617-9769, or via email at